Hello! My name is Kayla Lane and I am currently staying here in Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. I am very excited to experience many things including all of the exciting foods that this city has to offer.

Back in my hometown, I enjoyed cooking and tasting unusual foods such as ox tails and crickets. I would love to continue enjoying this while I am in college. To stay on track, I have decided to make it a goal to try every restaurant in downtown Gainesville.

I am looking forward to trying restaurants that range in variety. I will try the cheaper and the more expensive  locations. Also, I will definitely try to order foods that all can enjoy such as vegan and vegatarian dishes.

I am thrilled to start this adventure and blog about it on the way. I am able to combine my favorite things into one big project. I am going to eat food, take photos and then write about it.

Thank you so much for following this blog; I truly appreciate it!


Here I am, Kayla Lane, chomping on a sandwich at The Top. The Top is located in Downtown, Gainesville.


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