Emiliano’s Cafe

I am so excited to announce that I visited the first featured downtown restaurant on this blog; it goes by the name of Emiliano’s Cafe.

“Emiliano’s Cafe is a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation since 1982. We have been in our current location for 32 years. Since our inception, we have been embarked on a learning pathway that continues to this day,” said the cafe on theri website.

This cafe is filled with Latin foods, drinks and decor. The whole menu made my mouth water; it was so hard to choose just one item for lunch.

After making a very hard decision, I finally chose the ropa vieja and what a great choice it was.

According to the cafe’s website, the ropa vieja is, “Pulled braised brisket in a red wine-tomato sauce with green peppers and onions over rice, garnished with our unique fried capers served with amarillos and black beans.”

Though it was a very small portion for me, I did find it quite tasty. I just wish I had more of the braised brisket on top because it was so tender. I was satisfied with the rice on the bottom because it was cooked just right and paired perfectly with the salty fried capers. The fried plantains or amarillos were just right as well; they were so sweet and soft.

Along with that, the staff filled the air with happiness as they served everyone there because they were so friendly. A waitress did spill a drink all over my table, but was very forgiving and made the whole situation a laugh. I appreciated the atmosphere.

The cafe is a bit pricey though. My lunch ended up being about $15 for the meal and drink. Personally, I have always believed that paying a little more for a good meal is perfectly okay. Therefore, the prices didn’t stop me from liking the cafe.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience at Emiliano’s Cafe and would definitely go back one day. I highly recommend that everyone gives this place a try when they are craving some authentic Latin food. It is worth it!

Emiliano’s Cafe Website


The ropa vieja is placed over a bed of rice and decorated with sweet plantains. This dish costs $12.


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