The Hyppo

It is finally Saturday, and it is also time to share some more downtown eats with you! This week I visited The Hyppo with a friend of mine who enjoys eating new foods just as much as I do. The Hyppo is a small shop that sells gourmet ice pops.

Similar to the first Hyppo shop built in St. Augustine, this shop is decorated with items that would fall under the hipster category; it is very simple and pleasant.

When I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly girl who showed my friend and me to a cooler filled with a variety of ice pop flavors. I examined all of the flavors and chose mango habenero and my friend chose Mexican hot chocolate.

“The idea behind the pops was simple – fresh fruit, cane sugar, and whatever other interesting things might go along with those,” said  the owner of Hyppo, Stephen Dimare on their website.

After actually trying the pops, we were both surprised at how tasty they were because they just exploded with flavor in our mouths; mine tasted like a straight mango fruit and my friend’s tasted like hot cocoa with a little spice.

To match the flavors, the prices of the pops were great! It was only around $7.50 for the both of us. I believe it was definitely worth it because not only did it have a delicious snack, I also had an enjoyable time.

All in all, I fully relished this small ice pop shop and would for sure visit again.

The Hyppo’s Website


The popsicle cooler is filled with a variety of flavors and combinations. All popsicles are handmade.


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