MOJO Hogtown Bar-B-Que

Hello! It is time to share another great downtown eat. This time it is all American BBQ that I will be writing about. A couple friends and I decided to have a nice lunch out and we chose to eat at MOJO Hogtown Bar-B-Que.

When we passed by the restaurant, we were intrigued by its traditional rustic decor; this caught our attention and led to our decision to eat there.

Their website states “Mojo refers to blues song lyrics describing a good luck feeling or vibe and, with a cool clientele and a relaxed atmosphere, the blues filled space at Mojo’s offers a vibe that doesn’t resemble any other barbeque joint in town – and that’s just the way Mojo likes it.”

The menu is filled with classic BBQ dishes such as brisket, ribs and pulled pork. Because I  as raised in a country town, I was surrounded by these foods and it gave me comfort. I ended up ordering the pulled pork shoulder in their lunch special that includes two sides; I got mac & cheese and green beans.

Just thinking back at my plate makes my mouth water. The pulled pork was outstandingly tender and so smokey with just a drip of their house-made BBQ sauce. The sides were just as tasty. The mac & cheese was creamy and thick while the green beans had a hint of bacon and were so fresh.

Though it may seem that I was blown away at how well-made the food was, I was even more blown away at the price. It was only $11 for everything I mentioned and that is such a great deal.

As for the service, it was just the casual order taking and small talk; it was nothing too special. At least it wasn’t absolutely terrible!

All in all, I now have a soft spot for this restaurant because of its superior quality. I highly recommend that you go at least once for the experience because you’ll mostly likely have a good one.

MOJO Hogtown Bar-B-Que’s Website


The pulled pork is paired is green beans and mac & cheese. Sides are not limited to green beans and mac & cheese; there are items such as mashed potatoes and baked beans as well.


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