The Top

Hello again! I have another great downtown restaurant to introduce to you! My friend from back home came to Gainesville for the weekend and she wanted to check out this place called The Top.

The Top is described as a “hip, casual spot serving burgers, beer and modern American fare, with vegan and vegetarian options” by Google Reviews.

Hip is a great way to describe this this cool spot. The decor that is both inside and outside, is what you may call “hipster.” There are very unique paintings hung throughout the place, various plants and even a place for you to hang a special message written on a napkin. Personally, I believe the decor is the best part of this downtown eat.

As for food, it has that hip theme as well. The menu caters to both meat-eaters and vegans. For this trip I decided to go for a vegan meal. I ordered a blackened tofu sandwich with pesto and peppers. I also decided to get potato salad as a side.

I wasn’t too happy with this sandwich for two reasons: taste and price. The sandwich was very bland, small and costed around $12. I felt like I was ripped off, but that may just be my opinion. The potato was great though and that made me a teency bit happy.

Though the food was a thumbs down, the service was exceptional and lightened my mood after biting into the tofu sandwich. All of the employees were more than nice; they were genuine people and really made the experience worth while.

In conclusion, I would most likely not visit this downtown eat again or recommend. It has an attractive atmosphere but not an attractive menu.



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