Hello! It is Saturday and that means I can share another downtown eat with you! This weekend I brought a friend along with me to try a place that I have been dying to go to; it goes by the name of Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly is described as a modern Japanese pub. This couldn’t be more correct. I have always expected to walk in there and be seated at an oriental themed table and read a menu that contains the usual boring California roll and lo mein.

This isn’t the case.

Though it is a Japanese restaurant, the decor is very modernized and clean. It is somewhat decorated like a fancy piano bar, which happens to be very exciting.

As for the menu, it is very difficult to understand with all of the Japanese words included, but after I did a couple Google searches, I realized the foods were out of this world.

On the Dragonfly website, they state that their motivation is “Kaizen—to always be improving. The spirit that drives us. Fish flown in from Japan. Produce from the farm. Everything fresh. Our reputation rests on the creativity of every dish and drink. We find joy in every meaningful connection. And purpose in every detail.”

Their foods include things such as udon noodles, sashimi, beef tataki and even grilled chicken.

I ordered tuna sashimi in their lunch special that includes soup, salad, rice and a seasonal pickle. When it came to the table, I was amazed at the amount of food that arrived just for me. It was only $12 dollars for a personal feast.

Not only was it priced well, it also tasted fresh and rich in flavor. The tuna was tender and melted in my mouth. The soup was filled with flavor, tofu and seaweed. The rice was cooked evenly and the salad was a nice refresher at the end of the meal.

As for service, the employees are very sweet and love to crack jokes. This made the experience phenomenal.

All in all, I love Dragonfly with all of my heart and will definitely go out of my way to inform all of my friends of this outstanding place.

Dragonfly’s Website


The Dragonfly’s lunch special sits on a large plate waiting to be eaten. Chopsticks are given to customers to eat with instead of forks.


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