Hello everyone! It is Saturday! You know what that means.

I get to share another downtown eat!

This weekend, I was craving a nice, juicy hamburger, so I decided to visit Relish. I have heard about this restaurant a lot from friends and even professors. I am aware that there are multiple locations in Gainesville, but one of them just happened to be in the downtown area.

Relish serves beer, burgers, fries and a few other awesome foods just like any other burger joint, but there is just one special thing about this place and that is customization. Relish works the same way that Chipotle does: you walk down their stage of toppings and choose your favorite on your choice of burger.

Relish offers 40 different toppings and multiple burger choices as well. You may choose from a beef, turkey, salmon and even a veggie burger. Also, if you would like more than one patty, just tell them; it is all up to you at this place.

I ordered a double beef burger with tomato, lettuce, jalapeno, cheese, guacamole and mayonnaise. I must say that this was the best burger that I have had in a long time. Personally, I believe that if juice drips out of the burger while you are eating it, then it is a good one and that is exactly what happened with this Relish burger. It is was only $6.25

The employees are just as great as the food. They seem so pleased to see that their customers have a fun time ordering such unusual burgers.

In conclusion, Relish isn’t your ordinary burger place. It is decorated to make you happy, offers delicious food and hires employees that add to your experience.

Their website states “So if you want the same old, same old, someone-else-decided-what-kind-of-burger-you-should-eat dining experience, then don’t come to Relish. Here, the vibe is chill, the music is playing, the surf is sliding off the beach, the people are fun, and your burger always meets your exact specifications. It is perfectly fresh and perfectly yours.”

Relish’s Website


The double tasty burger is paired with french fries. The employees cook the burger in front of you.






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